Maintain Control in the Cloud With Tripwire

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Your assets in the cloud are not secured by default. Take responsibility for your security, compliance and operational controls in the cloud.

Cloud Infrastructure

Secure cloud-oriented platforms including AWS Linux and Docker containers.

Unified Management

Provide foundational controls across physical, virtual, private and public cloud environments.

Cloud Elasticity

Maintain controls on dynamic assets with a solution that scales with your needs.

Expert Assistance

Use Tripwire’s experts to plan and implement your foundational controls into the cloud.

Security Configuration Management

Security Configuration Management

Take advantage of the industry’s best file integrity monitoring, configuration management and compliance reporting. Tripwire supports over 800 policy and platform combinations including AWS Linux and Docker containers. Integrate directly with the Amazon Web Services Console for automatic tagging of new assets. Automatically deploy monitoring in elastic cloud environments.

Trusted Vulnerability Management

Trusted Vulnerability Management

Identify over 100,000 vulnerabilities using Tripwire IP360 advanced risk scoring. Detect vulnerabilities on over 2,500 operating environments including Amazon Linux. Detect threats on Docker containers in real-time. Deploy Tripwire IP360 on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure using pre-built images for the cloud.

Industry-Leading Log Management

Industry-Leading Log Management

Reliably collect, normalize and analyze log data. Receive immediate alerts of suspicious behaviors and store data to support future forensic investigations. Combine data from multiple sources including web services, Docker clusters, virtual machines and the Tripwire Log Center agent.


Tripwire Cloud Environment Support

Amazon Web Services Microsoft Azure Google Cloud Platform Oracle Cloud
Integrity Monitoring
Security Configuration Management
Policy Compliance
Vulnerability Management
Container Vulnerability Assessment
Cloud Management Account Assessment

Need Help Moving to the Cloud?

Contact one of our product experts to find a solution that meets your cloud infrastructure needs. Whether you are moving to AWS, Azure or other cloud environments, Tripwire can help you maintain control in the cloud.