Cybersecurity Penetration Testing Assessments

Tripwire Professional Services


Penetration Testing Assessments Services BriefOrganizations do all that they can to protect their critical cyber assets, but they don’t always systematically test their defenses. Penetration tests—otherwise known as pen tests—are a type of ethical hacking used to regularly evaluate the security of a network. Our team of highly-skilled cybersecurity experts utilizes a combination of tactical and strategic approaches to discover and exploit vulnerabilities in your IT systems.

Whether we are testing an application or network environment, Tripwire’s pen testing will not only identify vulnerabilities, but it will also demonstrate them through exploitation—definitively determining if unauthorized access or other malicious activity is possible.

Download this solution brief to learn how Tripwire’s penetration tests:

  • Gather information about the target before the test
  • Identify possible entry points and attempt to break in
  • Report the outcome through a detailed assessment
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