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Elevate Security and Productivity with Tripwire's SaaS Solution

Tripwire offers a SaaS-based solution to extend the value of your existing Tripwire investments with cloud-based analytics and reporting.

Stay Ahead of Threats

Protect your organization from the latest threat vectors.

Extend Security Controls

Meet the challenge of computing assets distributed across hybrid environments.

Increase Productivity

Help your staff work smarter with less notification noise and more targeted insights.

Ease of Deployment

Tripwire SaaS solutions are easy to deploy and even easier to use.

Extend Your Existing Cybersecurity Toolkit With a Cloud-Based Tripwire Solution

Tripwire Connect

Tripwire Connect is a highly-customizable analytics, reporting, and data management platform that enables you to combine your security data from multiple Tripwire® Enterprise and Tripwire IP360 data sources. A modern interface combined with pre-built dashboards and flexible report templates provide users with a much-improved picture of their security and compliance status. Incremental data transmission from Tripwire Enterprise and IP360 enables real-time reporting, and the ability to aggregate change data reduces network bandwidth and speeds analysis. Tripwire Connect can be used as either a SaaS or deployed as an on-prem solution.

Tripwire Connect application interface screenshot

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