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Securing the Cyber EO's Four Critical Frontiers

What Every Federal Executive Needs to Know in a New Era of Accountability


Securing the Cyber EOs Four Critical Frontiers

Gain insight into the Cyber Executive Order (EO)’s priorities and what it takes for agency leaders to make more informed risk decisions in an era of increased accountability.

This publication was developed to provide federal leaders with greater insight into the EO’s priorities and how to achieve both broad and deep visibility into network, data and security operations in order to meet the demand for accountability across the EO’s new frontiers. We will cover topics such as:

  • What the new era of accountability means for federal CISOs
  • Navigating the EO’s four critical frontiers
  • Prioritizing integrity: 5 foundational controls
  • Identifying solutions that scale across all computing and operational landscapes

Included is a list of questions every federal CISO needs to answer in order to select tools that help meet the EO’s mandates.

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