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Six Essential Tasks for State Government CISOs

Tripwire Six Tasks for State CISOsToday’s Chief Information Security Officers don’t lack for things to do. For state government CISOs, the job is even tougher. In their world, they must do all that their private sector counterparts do while dealing with funding limitations, trying to attract and maintain talent, and functioning in an environment filled with political sensitivities and elected officials rotating in and out of leadership roles.

Given limited time, resources and talent, where should state CISOs focus efforts for the best return? What are the essential elements of success that all CISOs share regardless of their unique environment? Just as it’s possible to trim down the list of critical security controls to a select few, so can the state government CISO trim down his or her to-do list to the select few that deliver maximum benefit.

Download this white paper to learn the six essential to-dos for state government CISOs to help them build and manage a strong cybersecurity program that protects the valuable information and infrastructure of the state and its citizens.

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