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Tripwire Demo: Protecting Your Electronic Health Record Security System

Learn how Tripwire can help you protect your electronic health record systems & health management systems from malware, exfiltration of PHI and help you achieve and prove compliance with HIPAA, NIST and other regulatory standards


Tripwire Log Center ScreenshotThe healthcare industry is increasingly under attack by cybercriminals as the high value of patient health information (PHI) on the black market makes healthcare organizations a lucrative target. With threats like ransomware on the rise, it is imperative that healthcare organizations go beyond check-box HIPAA compliance but truly secure their environment and embrace end to end visibility and monitoring of critical assets, including electronic health record (EHR) systems.

This video demonstrates how Tripwire can help you:

  • Detect and remediate cyber threats like malware
  • Avoid misconfigurations in your health management system
  • Gain visibility into unauthorized changes in your environment
  • Ensure continuous compliance with HIPAA, NIST and other regulatory standards

Watch this short video to see how Tripwire can help you improve the security posture of your EHR systems and health management systems

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