Tripwire File Analyzer

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Extend the power of Tripwire Enterprise with behavioral analysis from Tripwire File Analyzer.

Tight Integration:

Extends the Tripwire Enterprise workflow by showing you the behavior of a file

VM Sandboxing

Examines file behavior in a quarantined environment that protects your systems

Behavioral Visibility

Delivers detailed reports on relevant system changes

Deploys Fast

Works within your existing Tripwire Enterprise console

Even more file information from Tripwire Enterprise

Tripwire Enterprise helps protect your systems by showing you file information like size, hash, permissions, and who changed it. Tripwire File Analyzer is tightly integrated with Tripwire Enterprise and adds more context by revealing the behavior of the file as well. The behavioral analysis is performed within a quarantined sandboxed environment to shield your systems.

The information you need within the console you already use

Take advantage of Tripwire File Analyzer by using your current Tripwire Enterprise deployment. When a new file or executable appears on the systems monitored with Tripwire Enterprise, Tripwire File Analyzer can immediately inspect it to identify its behavior and assign it a score from 1–100, flagging it as benign, nuisance or malicious. You can also get detailed behavioral reports on files and executables straight from your Tripwire Enterprise console. Learn behavioral context about a file or executable like its I/O, system activity, network activity, registry activity and loaded libraries and more.

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