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Malware Detection

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Protect your critical assets from known threats and zero-day attacks with superior malware detection woven into Tripwire Enterprise.

Continuous Protection

Doesn’t let malware slip through the cracks between scans

VM Sandboxing

Examines suspicious executables in a quarantined environment

Deep Visibility

Delivers detailed reports on relevant system changes

Deploys Fast

Works within your existing Tripwire Enterprise console


Quickly and accurately detect and remediate malware

Tripwire Malware Detection examines suspicious executables within a quarantined sandbox environment, identifying ransomware and other types of malware before they can carry out an attack.

Prevent undiscovered, zero-day and targeted attacks from doing damage

Real-time analysis means you’ll catch sophisticated threat actors who rely on scheduled scanning to cover their tracks. Avoid repeat attacks with automated tracking of known malware signatures.

Get the information you need within the console you already use

Rather than drudging through data from an endpoint-only anti malware solution, get detailed reports straight from your Tripwire Enterprise console—automatically integrated with your change management data.


Protect Your Critical Assets from Malware

Tripwire Enterprise users can now reap the benefits of advanced malware detection to protect their critical assets from attack. Tripwire Malware Detection uses a protected sandbox environment to inspect unknown files so that any malware entering your system can be identified.

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Don’t let malware compromise your data

Schedule a call with one of our experts to learn how Tripwire Malware Detection catches malware that other solutions let slip through the cracks.