Complete Vulnerability and Risk Management

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How can you keep up with thousands of new vulnerabilities reported each year? Build a mature vulnerability management program with Tripwire.

Full Network Visibility

Discover and profile all assets on your network.

Meaningful Scoring

Prioritize based on the needs of your organization.

Increased Productivity

Minimize manual effort through integration with your existing tools and processes.

Scalable & Flexible

Use the modular architecture to handle the largest deployments.

Get Complete Asset Discovery

Get Complete Asset Discovery

Asset discovery and inventory are the foundations for any security program. As a defender, you can’t protect what you don’t know about. Attackers are always trying to find exploitable systems so they can get into your network. Once they’re in, they can attack other systems to further infiltrate your environment. Knowing what’s on your network allows you to better protect systems, provide guidance to asset owners, and reduce security risks. Tripwire IP360 discovers all assets within defined ranges plus the applications running on those assets.

Assess and Detect with Tripwire

Assess and Detect with Tripwire

Tripwire helps you determine which assets you need to protect.  Classify and rank assets based on their true risk to your organization. Identify owners for each system. Establish a scan frequency that allows asset owners to track the progress of remediation efforts and identify emerging risks based on new intelligence. Establish timelines and thresholds for remediation and exceptions.

Scanning without credentials can detect high-risk vulnerabilities that an attacker could detect remotely. It is also important to scan with credentials for a more comprehensive picture that provides increased accuracy. Tripwire IP360 provides vulnerability signatures specific to the operating system and installed applications for high accuracy results. Many vulnerability scanners simply detect the patch levels or application versions to provide a vulnerability posture reading. Tripwire IP360 provides a much more detailed analysis including factors such as the removal of vulnerable libraries, registry keys, and whether or not a reboot of the system took place for the remediation to apply.

Easy System Remediation

Easy System Remediation

Once the vulnerability scan is complete, a score is attached to each vulnerability. Tripwire IP360 provides granular risk scoring based on impact, ease of exploit and age. This allows system owners to prioritize their efforts with a focus on the vulnerabilities that will reduce the greatest risks.
Customers with the most successful vulnerability management programs start by taking an overall baseline average of all the Tripwire IP360 risk scores across their organization. They set a target of 10% to 25% risk reduction per year to systematically strengthen their security posture. They are guided by Tripwire IP360 reports that outline the most vulnerable hosts, the highest scoring vulnerabilities, and the most vulnerable applications.

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