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Ready for threat detection that covers your entire organization under one platform? With visibility from on-prem to cloud and assessment from IT to OT, the Tripwire solution is built to integrate seamlessly with your VM program.


Get a complete view of your vulnerability profile from IT to OT, whether your assets are on-prem, in the cloud or both.


Our integrated VM approach means you can add VM solutions as you need to your existing ecosystem, knowing they will play nicely with your other tools and processes.


Monitor enterprise assets, industrial networks and DevOps environments—or go the managed services route. The platform scales as you scale.


Whether you’re a security analyst, administrator or CISO, Tripwire Connect has vulnerability reports and analytics that address your needs.

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Tripwire IP360 gives you complete network visibility both on-premises and in the cloud. The Tripwire Vulnerability and Exposure Research Team (VERT) keeps Tripwire IP360 up to date with accurate, non-intrusive discovery signatures. Our unique application-centric approach to vulnerability scanning and assessment searches for specific vulnerabilities based on operating systems, applications and services. This ensures only the required signatures are run, limiting negative application interactions. Rather than providing a seemingly endless list of “high risk” vulnerabilities, Tripwire IP360 does risk scoring on limitless, time-based scale, making it clear where your risk lies so you can focus on the most effective mitigations first.

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Tripwire Industrial Visibility equips ICS operators with visibility into the devices and activity on their network through passive monitoring which assure availability of the sometimes "scan-sensitive" OT assets. It uses change management, event logging and threat modeling to help you keep your most sensitive assets out of intruders’ reach. It gathers threat data to improve the safety and availability of your OT environment by analyzing network traffic and conducting protocol deconstruction to inventory assets, create network topology, and more. Legacy OT networks can be sensitive to latency and bandwidth change, which is why Tripwire Industrial Visibility uses agentless monitoring and an integrated combination of passive and active asset discovery to leave your network undisturbed. 

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Managed by experienced Tripwire engineers, Tripwire ExpertOpsSM VM combines managed services with the industry’s best VM solution. Personalized consulting, cloud-based infrastructure and simple subscription pricing make Tripwire ExpertOps VM easy to deploy and use. The solution also adapts to your objectives: Reports and profiling tasks are customized to meet your organizational objectives and priorities. You’ll also regularly receive expert guidance to ensure your environment is secure and that critical vulnerabilities are remediated. 

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Tripwire for DevOps gives DevOps teams a complete security assessment of new application builds as they move through the CI/CD pipeline. This provides a quality gate that teams can use to proactively assess builds of applications based on customizable security, compliance, and configuration standards. It integrates seamlessly with DevOps teams’ existing toolchains and provides straightforward results within the interfaces and scripts they already know. Tripwire for DevOps integrates into your existing toolchain and provides easy-to-understand results within the interfaces and scripts you already know. It’s a fully self-contained SaaS that that makes it easy and economical to add a layer of best practice foundation security to your applications before they’re deployed.

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Tripwire Connect is a highly-customizable analytics, reporting, integration and management platform for Tripwire Enterprise and Tripwire IP360 that deploys and scales according to your organization’s needs. Dashboards provide clear, actionable insights so you can address the most urgent concerns first. Incremental transmission for all data from Tripwire Enterprise enables real-time reporting, and the ability to aggregate deltas of change data reduces network bandwidth and speeds analysis. In addition, high-demand data fields bolster compliance and file integrity reports. Tripwire Connect is available either on-prem or as a SaaS. Tripwire Connect provides instant insights into your security posture thanks to integrated data from multiple security tools displayed at once. 

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State of Minnesota: Reducing Enterprise Risk with Tripwire

See how The State of Minnesota's Office of Enterprise Technology implemented a risk and vulnerability management system that streamlines the exchange of IT information across agencies.


The State of Minnesota's Office of Enterprise Technology (OET) was established with a charter to deliver effective, efficient and economical government solutions. OET recognized the need to exert more centralized control over the IT infrastructure, and establish security as an enterprise-class process within the state. With Tripwire's vulnerability management solution, OET reduced redundancies among the state agencies' security programs and improved insight into security risk with metrics that deliver comparative results among state agencies.

"By adopting a common technology with a centrally managed [vulnerability] solution, every agency now gets a consistent view of their security level and continuous assessment, without having to manage the back end. This yields tremendous savings for the state, when compared to every agency trying to implement a solution on its own."

Chris Buse, Office of Enterprise Technology, State of Minnesota


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