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15 Myths and Risk Factors in Vulnerability Management

Tips on Avoiding Common VM Roadblocks from Cybersecurity Experts


Download eBook 15 Myths and Risk Factors in Vulnerability ManagementVulnerability management (VM) is a much-talked-about practice in the IT security industry. Whether it’s the debate on vulnerability scoring, how to implement a suitable VM program based on your own resources, or even trying to convince leadership a VM solution alone won’t solve all your cybersecurity issues, the debate is still strong.

As one of the top three CIS Controls, vulnerability management is one of the first things that should be implemented in a successful information security program. Vulnerability and risk management is an ongoing process; the most successful programs continuously adapt and are aligned with the risk reduction goals of the cybersecurity program within the organization. Ensuring the ongoing maturation of your VM program is essential for reducing the attack surface of your organization.

Tripwire asked cybersecurity experts to dissect the most widespread VM myths and risk factors and offer actionable advice for real VM program efficacy. Download your free copy of the ebook to learn more.

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