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Friday, August 18th was Bad Poetry Day.

To celebrate, Tripwire decided to ask some of it’s employees and friends in the community to share some of their security poems with us.

Some folks tweeted theirs out using the hashtag #tripwirebadpoetryday. Others sent them in.

Here are some of our favorites:

Is your password complex?
Does it pass “the test”?
The test advanced by NIST;
From the 800-63 appendix.
15-years ago that was devised;
And NIST has now thought and revised.
They say length is the key;
Easier for human’s memory.
A phrase instead;
To keep in your head.
InfoSec folks have been saying this for years;
And thankfully, now NIST finally hears.
So, cheer the day;
Complexity may finally go away.
Make your password memorable;
Perhaps – CorrectHorseBatteryStaple?
But passwords alone can’t fully protect you today;
May I interest you in 2FA?

Bob Covello (@BobCovello)


















Roses are red, hackers wear hoodies
Just breached ourselves, downloading free goodies

– Troy Thompson (Senior Director, Professional Services)


There once was an ACK named NACK
Who never got anything back
It was a firewall you see
It never let him be free
Just kept adding him to the stack

– Gary Conkle (Senior Consultant, Professional Services)


Mum on the phone this morning.
Security getting her moaning.
She went to a bad website.
Antivirus gave her a fright.
So she turned it off.

– Chris Conacher (Senior Manager, Software Development)


Typical monday, everything is on fire…
If only my company… would have used tripwire!
Their professional service team is so great…
It makes me want to show up at work early at eight!

– Mike Acosta (Specialty Services Consultant)


To secure our desktops
Bought a flashy new tool
Didn’t add FIM
It didn’t seem cool
Finally found the keylogger
I feel like a fool

– Troy Thompson (Senior Director, Professional Services)