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On April 25-26, the Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center (R-CISC) will host its inaugural Retail Cyber Intelligence Summit at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Chicago. This two-day event, which The State of Security featured in its guide for security professionals in the retail industry, will bring together top information security leaders representing the most prominent retail and consumer services organizations from throughout North America.

The Summit will feature sessions led by industry experts, collaborative workshops, security exercises, and plenty of networking opportunities.

Here are just a few of the presentations attendees can look forward to at this year’s event.


014695eRestoring Trust After a Breach

Speaker: Dwayne Melançon (@ThatDwayne), CTO, Tripwire

Date/Time: Monday, April 25th | 2:50-3:40

Location: Water Tower

The moments following a breach are crucial. Organizations must quickly identify the extent of the compromise and the systems that can still be trusted. But there’s a problem. While many organizations take preventive methods to reduce the risk of data breaches, even the most prepared companies might not know how or where to initiate the recovery process.

In his session, Dwayne Melançon will give insight into how IT professionals can restore trust after a data breach. He will present a systematic approach that businesses can use to help them recover from a security incident. With this approach, attendees will learn how to respond more quickly to a breach, as well as work towards rebuilding a stronger, more reliable system.


brian_krebsDisrupting the Economics of Cybercrime

Speaker: Brian Krebs (@briankrebs), Journalist, KrebsOnSecurity

Date/Time: Tuesday, April 26th | 8:15-9:30

Location: Plaza Ballroom

In an ironic twist, security advances – such as the current EMV shift – often spur new opportunities for fraudsters, which leaves retailers wondering how to build on a constantly changing foundation.

In this keynote, Brian Krebs will offer a roadmap to disrupting cybercrime in a financially fluid world. He will start with bridge-building between retailers and financial service providers. He will then discuss how this partnership can help organizations better understand the economics of cybercrime, identify criminal motivations and pressure points, and build appropriate deterrent strategies.


09fe2e0Disaster Response in the Digital Age

Speaker: Desi Matel-Anderson (@FITreadytogo), CEO, Global Disaster Innovation Group, Field Innovation Team

Date/Time: Tuesday, April 26th | 3:10-4:10

Location: Plaza Ballroom

Our cyber and physical worlds are colliding. As we all know, identity theft, physical harm, and a variety of other threats attend this convergence. But so too do opportunities for good.

In her session, Desi Matel-Anderson, CEO for the Global Disaster Innovation Group, Field Innovation Team, will discuss how we can leverage the Internet, smart phones, and virtual reality to design cutting-edge disaster solutions. Her presentation will draw upon a number of her own personal experiences, including her team’s use of virtual reality to build disaster preparedness evacuation routes for a Syrian refugee camp.

“By working collaboratively and combining the physical and virtual technologies, we can help one another stay secured and prepared online,” explains Desi.


17150a9Upgrading Your Online Account Management System

Speaker: Wendy Nather (@rciscwendy), Research Director, R-CISC

Date/Time: Monday, April 25th | 9:35-10:25

Location: Columbian

In this digital age, the average consumer has more than one hundred online accounts – and a precarious penchant for reusing passwords. In this messy environment, how can retailers fulfill consumers’ expectations to guard sensitive data?

This session will workshop strategies for online account management, focusing on current threats – such as account takeovers, bulk registration of fraudulent accounts, and PII theft – and suitable threat management practices. She will also brainstorm ideas for how to design registration and password processes, detect automated account checkers, and incorporate user behavioral analytics into your security program. This workshop is open to all security architects, developers and executives.

For more information about the first ever Retail Cyber Intelligence Summit, please see the event’s website here.


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