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Today’s cybersecurity teams are constantly evolving and changing.

As a partner with our customers in providing foundational controls, we have a front row seat to the evolution.

Most organizations experience attrition, and it can be challenging. But it can also create opportunities for promotion and more responsibility. In many situations, companies will promote from within to put someone in place that has an understanding of existing corporate processes and cybersecurity initiatives.

The first thing that a former individual contributor/new manager might find is that you need to straddle your former technical roles with more strategic responsibilities. Clearly, you can’t do both jobs, so you’ll need to come up with a strategy to survive.

Consider if your existing cybersecurity tools provide you with the ability to delegate responsibility effectively. Does each solution provide reports that offer complete remediation instructions along with a mechanism to prioritize?

Tripwire’s IP360 Vulnerability Management reporting and analytics tool (SIH) provides both high-level and detailed reporting that can help customers identify what is important right now and what to do about it.

The “heat map” report below is a great representation of the most critical vulnerabilities in your environment.

risk matrix

Once you’ve identified the most important vulnerabilities and set of hosts that require remediation, IP360 truly excels with detailed remediation instructions that can be the basis for a change ticket.

In a similar way, Tripwire Enterprise delivers specific details about how to remediate environments to ensure secure configurations applicable to your preferred benchmark or standard.

figure 4

Of course, generating the reports and helping with prioritization takes time, and if you don’t have the bandwidth to do that, you might consider leveraging a managed service like ExpertOps.

ExpertOPs Engineers can review your Cybersecurity goals and build dashboards and reports that will help track your achievements. They’ll absorb your priorities and will act as your right arm to ensure that follow-up actions are delegated to individuals on your team. You’ll join a weekly call to understand progress against objectives, and you can make strategic adjustments based on your visibility to the organization’s needs.

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