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The international ice cream chain Dairy Queen is the latest to confirm a breach caused by Backoff malware, compromising customer data from nearly 400 U.S. locations.

Dairy Queen Spokesman Dean Peters reported the intrusion impacted payment card customer names, numbers and expiration dates of 600,000 cards or less. No evidence leading to the compromise of other personal information, such as social security numbers, PINs or email addresses has been detected.

According to a report by Bloomberg Businessweek, the intruder used the account credentials of a third-party vendor to access Dairy Queen’s computer systems.

The company has released a list of affected locations, spreading across almost all 50 U.S. states with varying intrusion dates between August and October.

“Because nearly all DQ [locations] are independently owned and operated, the company worked closely with affected franchise owners, as well as law enforcement authorities and the payment card brands,” read the press release.

The Minneapolis-based company added it is confident the malware in its network has now been contained and is offering potentially affected customers free identify repair services for one year.

Dairy Queen is only one of the 1,000 businesses the U.S. Secret Service estimated to be affected by the discovery of Backoff malware—other victims including the UPS Store and the supermarket chain Supervalu.

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