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Casino Rama Resort says hackers stole information pertaining to its customers, employees, and vendors in a digital attack.

On 4 November, the casino based in Rama, Ontario first learned of a security incident that affected one of its networks. Its internal teams began working with digital security experts to figure out what happened.

Following their investigation, they can now confirm hackers stole personal information belonging to some customers, employees, and vendors.

Casino Rama Resort says in a statement that much of the stolen data is sensitive in nature:

“The hacker claims to have accessed information that includes Casino Rama Resort IT information, financial reports regarding the hotel and casino, security incident reports, Casino Rama Resort email, patron credit inquiries, collection and debt information, vendor information and contracts and employee information including performance reviews, payroll data, terminations, social insurance numbers and dates of birth. The hacker claims that the employee information dates from 2004 to 2016, and that some of the other categories of information taken date back to 2007.”


The casino goes on to explain that there’s good news and bad news. First, the good news. Digital forensic experts determined that the hackers no longer have access to the Casino Rama Resort system. They also verified that the attackers never hacked any customers’ Players Passport Club accounts or any of the games on the casino floor.

Casino Rama Resort has more 2,500 slot machines, more than 110 gaming tables, eight restaurants, and a 5,000-seat entertainment venue with an attached 300-room hotel.

As for the bad news, the casino is worried those responsible for the attack could publish some of the stolen data online. For that reason, they’re urging all customers, vendors, and employees to monitor their bank account statements for fraud and to report any suspicious activity to their financial institutions.

In the meantime, Casino Rama Resort has apologized for the incident and has said it is currently working with police to better understand what happened:

“Casino Rama Resort deeply regrets this situation and recognizes the seriousness of this issue. While we continue to investigate we appreciate the understanding of our customers, employees and stakeholders.”

Casino Rama Resort joins a number of other casinos that have experienced digital attacks in recent years, including FireKeepers and Hard Rock Hotel (which was hacked twice).