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Chipotle’s website and official Twitter account were compromised late Saturday evening and into Sunday morning. The website was redirected on Saturday around 6PM (PST) to Chipotle’s official twitter account @chipotletweets and was then unresponsive.

The Chipotle domain’s technical and administrative contacts for the domain have been updated with a message from the attacker(s).


The @chipotletweets Twitter account also has been compromised by an individual referring to themselves as TheCeltic666 and as  part of a group called TUGFeds. The Twitter account icon was replaced with the image of a Nazi flag and several tweets from the individual(s) who hacked them.



In June of 2013 Chipotle had faked the hacking of their Twitter account as part of a marketing campaign. Given the content and images that appeared on their Twitter account with this compromise, this is definitely not a similar gimmick. Both the website and Twitter account appeared to be back under the control of the company by 12:30AM Sunday morning.

Chipotle sent out a message on Twitter regarding the attack apologizing for the offensive messages that appeared under the account.

The group claiming responsibility TUGFED had ther Twitter account suspended, however a new one was created under @TUGFedsReturn, where additional attacks were threatened.

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