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In August, security researchers will have the chance to enjoy the first ever Internet of Things (IoT) hacking village at DEF CON 23.

DEF CON 23The hacking village, which will feature a 0-day vulnerability identification contest, is to be organized by Independent Security Evaluators, LLC. (ISE), an independent security firm based in Baltimore that is concerned with “aggressive defensive strategies through advanced science.”

According to ISE partner and organizer Ted Harrington, the contest will draw attention to the lack of security when it comes to developing IoT devices.

“IoT devices aggregate staggering amounts of data about consumers and businesses alike, and introduce harrowing new points of remote connectivity to previously lesser accessible environments,” Harrington told The Register.

“And so as a community we must work to solve the massive privacy and security issues that are introduced by connected devices.”

ISE is all ready well known in the security industry as the sponsor of SOHOpelessly Broken, a contest held at DEF CON 22 that sought to expose security vulnerabilities in a variety of routers, including the ASUS RT-AC66U, Netgear Centria WNDR4700, and Belkin N900.

Craig Young, a Computer Security Researcher with Tripwire’s Vulnerability and Exposures Research Team (VERT), reported 11 of the total 15 0-day security vulnerabilities discovered in last year’s contest.

In addition to a 0-day vulnerability identification contest, the Internet of Things hacking village at this year’s DEF CON will also feature an objective-based competition similar to “Capture the Flag,” a bring your own device (BYOD) demonstration, and a surprise contest.

“We hope to educate participants and the community about security vulnerabilities in these widely deployed devices and to drive toward better security in the IoT category,” states the ISE IoT Village’s official website.

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