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President Obama announced on Monday a new initiative, called TechHire, in an effort to address the immense shortage of IT industry professionals in careers like software development, network administration, coding and cybersecurity.

The campaign is set to launch in collaboration with more than 300 employers across 21 U.S. regions, who have announced plans to bolster recruiting, place applicants based on their skills, and create more fast-track tech training opportunities.

Additionally, the TechHire initiative will include a $100 million grant competition by the Department of Labor to provide training to low-skill individuals with barriers to education and employment, such as child care responsibilities or disabilities.

“While four-year degrees in engineering and computer science are still important, we have the opportunity to promote programs that we call, for example, ‘coding boot camp’ or online courses that have pioneered new ways to teach tech skills in a fraction of the time and the cost,” said President Obama at the National League of Cities Conference.

Source: TechHire

With more than half a million unfilled jobs within the information technology space today, the campaign highlighted that many of these high-paying jobs do not require advanced degrees but rather skills that can be learned in community colleges or through industry certified training programs.

“This doesn’t just apply to San Francisco. This doesn’t just apply to Boston. It applies access the board to every part of the country,” said President Obama. “There’s no industry that hasn’t been touched since this technology revolution.”

The Administration said it encourages more communities and employers to follow in the lead of adopting innovative strategies to advance these goals.


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  • Pat C.

    OK, all of this is fantastic. My question is who the hell is going to pay for this? I am sick and tired of my tax money going to Obama's "FREE" programs. We as a country need to let the private sector take care of things as they come. If Obama wants this to happen, then put out a bid request for the job and let the private sector take care of it. Our Government needs to decrease their footprint; if they don't, none of us will have a job…..period.

  • dpitz

    I have many friends in information technology who have not been able to find a job. Why? Because companies want 10 years of experience in technology that is 5 years old. Because my friends have "too much experience" (i.e., they are too old). Because companies can get the workers they want real cheap from the H1B Visa program. Lots of reasons … but it is NOT because of a shortage of workers.

  • Joey

    Just because someone can write code does not make them a good engineer. Developing good solutions requires problem solving and logic. I'm al for helping people but if you can't problem solve and apply logic to a situation then writing code is of no use for me.

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