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A politically motivated hacking group who calls themselves 3301, appears to have compromised the website of Planned Parenthood. The politically motivated attack appears to have taken advantage of a vulnerability in an outdated version the Concrete5 website content management system.

The group was not able to access the file system and the compromise appears to be limited to the contents of the CMS database only. The group published a list of login emails as well as hashed passwords. The passwords have not been exposed at this time and the group was asking for assistance in deciphering the hash used to encrypt the passwords.

3301 political hacking group
Website of the 3301 explaining their reason for targeting the website followed by a sample of data compromised.

Planned Parenthood released a statement stating they are working with the FBI on investigating the compromise and expressed concern for the potential risk posed to those whose information may have been breached. However at this time the breach appears to be contained and only a limited amount of data exposed.