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A group of hackers recently targeted 88 web domains as part of a three-day hacking spree and pro-Daesh propaganda campaign.

Steve Ragan of Salted Hash reports that a group of ISIS/ISIL sympathizers known as “Team System DZ” spent much of last week defacing dozens of web domains hosted in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Israel.

team system dz hackersOne of the targets of the pro-Daesh hackers was a group of websites operated by Richland County in Wisconsin. The offensive marks the third time in one year Team System DZ has hit these particular websites.

Last week’s attack affected the websites for a number of public service departments connected to Richland County, including the Sheriff’s Department, the Department of Veterans’ Services, the Department of Emergency Management, and Health and Human Services.

Each defaced website associated with Richland County played an audio file whenever the page loaded and displayed a message along the following lines:

“I Love You Jihad & Islamic State. hello Richland Center. get back. Remember these words well. The Islamic state will not show mercy will not be tolerated on any drop of blood. bleed every Muslim in Iraq. Or in any Muslim country. The glory of the State Islamic. Despite paying tribute will Anevkm and you forcibly. It started the war of the Muslims if you and your people have endured losses. Us back, God willing, on the ground.”

Variations of that message were displayed on affected websites hosted in the United Kingdom, Israel, and France.

Mirror copies of the Wisconsin hacks are available for viewing here, but an entire archive of Team System DZ is also available.

News of these defacements follows approximately one year after a group of pro-ISIS hackers took 11 channels belong to TV5MONDE, a French-language television network, off the air and commandeered both its website and its social media accounts.