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Hackers that support the Islamic State terrorist group released a video Monday announcing a series of targeted attacks against the United States and Europe.

Following the group’s self-proclaimed deadline of 14:00 EST, the group posted a video stating that it has successfully hacked into the websites of the ‘American leadership.’ No affected politicians or leaders are named in the video, however.

The so-called ‘Message to America’ video shows an image of a digitized, hooded figure, over which a prepared speech is read in both English and Arabic.


“We are the hackers of the Islamic State. The electronic war has not yet begun,” states the video.

“We observe all the movements you are making from your devices. Soon you will see how we control your electronic world.”

A group calling itself the “Islamic State’s Defenders in the Internet” released the video, but there is no evidence that this group is directly connected to the terrorist organization that currently holds parts of Syria and Iraq.

Unlike previous videos issued by the ISIS, this video was not posted by one of the terrorist organization’s media sites scatted throughout Iraq and Syria. It also uses ISIS as an acronym for the Islamic State, which suggests that the video originated from supporters and not actual members.

Hackers associated with or in support of the Islamic State have already hacked a number of targets this year. These include a number of French municipality websites following the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks in Paris, the United States Central Command’s Twitter account back in January, several websites owned by American small businesses, and a French television network.

These attacks notwithstanding, experts doubt the hacking prowess of the Islamic State and feel that the video is meant to capitalize on the media attention surrounding Junaid Hussain, a UK-born hacker who is said to have exchanged tweets with the gunman who participated in an attack in Garland, Texas last week.

Along with the video, several tweets appeared with the hashtag #HelloftheAmericanSystem.

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