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Earlier this month, Shon Harris, CISSP and CEO and founder of Logical Security, passed away after a long fight with illness at only 46 years old. It is with great sadness that Tripwire observes her passing.

In 2002, Ms. Harris founded Logical Security—an information security company that specializes in security training and certifications. Since then, Logical Security has integrated Ms. Harris’ learning model of studying new material using a variety of multimedia platforms into a number of prominent certification exam simulators, including CISSP, CISA and CEH.

“Shon was one of the most knowledgeable, dedicated professionals yet consistently pleasant people I’ve had the pleasure to work with. I recommend her to my friends and associates all the time.”

Warren Kruse, Managing Director, Aon

shon-harrisShon had extensive working knowledge of legal and regulatory compliance. Her deep understanding of a variety of standards made her an expert in risk management, governance and security metrics. These skills made Ms. Harris a highly sought-after consultant, leading her to work with a number of well-known Fortune 500 companies, including American Express, Warner Brothers, CitiBank and Cisco. As a leader in the field, Shon also had the opportunity to teach information security to a wide range of clients, such as the Department of Defense, Bank of America and the NSA.

“Shon was an extremely talented and intelligent individual. Her ability to grasp the big picture and mold security processes made her one of the few people I’ve met who could efficiently and effectively bridge that gap between C-level execs and technical staff.”

Dwayne Williams, Owner, Treadstone Consulting, Inc.

Ms. Harris was invaluable to the infosec industry. She leaves behind a rich legacy of educational materials, including three best-selling CISSP books, not to mention a number of book contributions (Hacker’s Challenge and Gray Hat Hacking are two of the most well-known) and a position as technical editor for Information Security Magazine.

For helping advance the security field to where it is today, as well as for training the information security professionals of tomorrow, we are forever indebted to Shon Harris and her brilliant vision of a safer, more secure world.

“Many in the security industry have been touched by Shon’s work in one way or another, whether it be through their studies for certifications or who knew her directly. Her influence is not only in security as trainer and thought leader, but also as an entrepreneur, as someone who had the skills and ingenuity to roll up her sleeves and build a business that served a real need.”

Ken Westin, Security Researcher, Tripwire, Inc.

You can read Shon’s full obituary here.

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  • So sorry to hear this. I bought a number of Shon's books to study for the CISSP and other certifications. She was a trail blazer in will be so missed. Rest in Peace Shon.

  • uggh. I just saw this. I met Shon at a security conference a number of years ago and was so impressed by her demeanor and professionalism. Barry, her books were awesome, no doubt. Such a loss for the I.T. world. RIP son.

  • Bar Lockwood

    How surprising it was that her passing went entirely unnoticed at RSA 2015.

  • Mukesh

    Education can't be any simpler than this. I watched her training videos, read AIO and passed the CISSP exam. I was looking for her latest videos when I learned about the shocking news. Shon will be remembered for her contribution to the world of technology, security, education and presentation.

  • Babar Zahoor Open Source Evangelist | IT Professional | Technologist

    Very sad to hear this news, it is big loss in the Information technology Industry and she was surely the leader in Information Security industry.

  • Jess

    Deeply sad to hear Shon has died. I loved her all her stuff. She has left a really big gap to fill.

  • sam

    Shon made studying for cissp so much easier! Her humor and lucid style was so good that I never felt any topics dry , I actually looked forward to picking up the book and reading every line. All her analogies left a lasting impression!

  • Abdirahman Siad

    I read Shon's books and watched her CBTs. I fund her very engaging and in control of her presentations. She is. Great teacher and expert in the security field. She will be greatly missed.

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