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Anthony Freed, from Infosec Island, attended the recent BlackHat event in Las Vegas and spent time exploring and meeting some other attendees and learning products tools and services available on the market right now.

One attendee that Freed caught up with was Jeff Bardin, a Principal at Treadstone 71 LLC. Bardin shared a variety of open source tools that businesses and consumers can use for intelligence resources.  Some of the tools Bardin shared include:

Twopcharts is a tool that has the ability to track users, find out the first 10 tweets a user ever produced, their first 10 followers. You can also use Twopcharts for side-by-side Twitter user comparison. Bardin noted that these tools can be used for “espionage, competitive intelligence, and intellectual property” purposes.

Check out this video to find out more about these tools and what they can do!


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