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We asked attendees of the RSA Conference 2013 to share their favorite tell-tale indicators that someone has been working in information security a bit too long, and here are some of the more surprising answers…

You stop being scared. -Walt C.

When someone asks for your address you give them your IP address :-)

BYOD is flirting. @DubbleOT

A good night's sleep is only 3 hours long! @Johalloran

You fact check infosec books and write the authors. @JimMotes

You consider your family's occupation of the bathroom as a DoS attack. @moorake069

When iOS-iPad-OS is compromised. -Bernard

You dream about PCI! *Not nightmare. @SecBarbie

You cringe @ the following words: -Cyper -APT -BYOD -Cloud -Mobile -Risk -360 @Zfasel

Being at RSA is like a high school reunion. @iamanapt

Crazy attack... no stress. @25x7

Trying to get out of IT. -Ken

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Itching for more? Be sure to check out Ken Westin’s hilarious list, “10 Signs You’ve Been Working In Information Security Too Long.”

Photos were taken by Joy Powers (@JoyPowers) at the Moscone Center in San Francisco on February 27, 2013.  The complete photo set is also available on Flickr.