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Have you ever wished for some supernatural powers to secure your organization? Perhaps longing for some extraterrestrial abilities to defend your sensitive data, or hoped to get help from outer space to get you through that compliance project?

I’m a strong believer that our industry could benefit from two things: (1) More information sharing and (2) More humor.

So to contribute with the later one, we created John Powers, a seemingly supernatural CISO at a company a lot like yours. In episode 1, John is dealing with some out of this world perceptions from his colleague Clint who has a very active imagination.

Yes, John is a figment of our imagination, but he personifies many of the characteristics of an ideal CISO: Smart, capable, humble, connected, vigilant, adaptable, a great communicator, and above all he has a great sense of humor.

Episode 2 and 3 will be posted later on this Summer on his very own page. John will also be sharing articles of interest through his twitter handle @CISOpowers.

As you have experienced first-hand by reading our blog, engaging with us on Twitter and commenting on our posts on LinkedIn, we like to provide valuable content while having fun along the way.

I hope you enjoy these videos as much as we’ve had producing them. Thank you to our friends at Twist & Shout for their help in getting John come to life.

Episode Two Here

Hasta pronto,


“A joke is a very serious thing.” – Winston Churchill