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Your network is constantly evolving through hundreds of changes per day. These changes can chip away at your security posture and any one of those changes could be the one that introduces a major security risk. Somewhere out there a hacker is coming up with new ways to access your critical data. Unfortunately, you can’t stop change. Sometimes it happens with or without you knowing.

Defending business-critical systems, data and applications against potential threats requires that you know what is and what is not normal behavior. Your security team diligently collects large quantities of data for security intelligence, but gaining valuable insights from this data is like looking for a needle in a haystack given the volume, velocity and variety of that data.

How do you get high quality, actionable information to make good decisions in time? How long does it take for you to detect a potential threat?

Tripwire has teamed up with Splunk to help solve this problem. Integrating Splunk Enterprise with Tripwire Enterprise provides a way to quickly and easily visualize the overall health of your entire IT environment. Tripwire provides the endpoint detective, corrective and preventative control data into Splunk Enterprise to help you visualize the security information in easy-to-implement dashboards.

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These dashboards help security teams reduce the cycle-time of identifying not only vulnerabilities and security violations, but also reducing mean time to identify and repair IT systems and reduce risks.

A long-time Tripwire customer in the financial services sector has been using Tripwire Enterprise for PCI compliance, as well as security configuration management. Like many large enterprises, they have dozens of other security solutions that continually need to talk to one another and integrate to provide added security. They also have thousands upon thousands of changes that occur across their infrastructure from network services opening and closing to file permissions changing. This financial firm adopted Tripwire Enterprise and Splunk Enterprise so they could have policy insight for their critical servers with added analytics.

Splunk and Tripwire provided security value they never had seen before. Tripwire’s security unique configuration management capabilities, including policy management and file integrity brought new light into the security state of the company. The advanced analytics and reporting capabilities of Splunk Enterprise offered and easy way to communicate the status of their security posture to all levels of the organization.

While we would like to stop every attack at the firewall, you know that conventional outlook is a losing proposition. Unfortunately, attackers sometimes get in, but the integration between Splunk and Tripwire can help mitigate that risk by uncovering the presence of advanced threats that may hide behind credentials or use other methods to evade detection by traditional stand-alone security products.

Check it out for yourself. The Splunk App for Tripwire Enterprise is free, available here.




picThe Executive’s Guide to the Top 20 Critical Security Controls

Tripwire has compiled an e-book, titled The Executive’s Guide to the Top 20 Critical Security Controls: Key Takeaways and Improvement Opportunities, which is available for download [registration form required].

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