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“Technology is pushing the boundary of society, culture, and human life,” said security professional Beau Woods (@beauwoods). “We need to preserve the things that make culture, society, and human life precious.”

Woods is speaking of the need for the “I Am the Cavalry” movement which is “a grass root movement of people who realize our dependence on technology has grown faster than our ability to defend it,” explained Josh Corman (@joshcorman), co-founder of “I Am the Cavalry” and CTO of Sonatype.

The goal of “I Am the Cavalry” is just to increase awareness. We need to be wary of the risks associated with all this wonderful technology that surrounds us. “Technology permeates every single aspect of our lives: our cars, medical devices, and our homes,” said Corman. “We want to continue to enjoy technology, but we want a voice of reason in technical literacy.”

Adam Brand (@adamrbrand) of Protiviti recommends everyone, even non-security professionals, to start asking questions. For example, your doctor tells you about the side effects of your medication. Follow that same reasoning and ask your doctor about the vulnerabilities of your medical devices.

We can’t have this dialogue about security about technology that affects our lives until the market responds, said Corman.


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