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You hear about it almost every day: Target, JP Morgan, Home Depot, Anthem and lately, the IRS.

Today, threats are increasingly pervasive and fast – in 60 percent of the cases, attackers are able to compromise an organization within minutes. Even more alarming, 85 percent of enterprises under attack don’t even realize that they have been breached for weeks.

So, how can organizations be better prepared to avoid becoming yet another headline or statistic?

Your enterprise needs to operate as though it is in a continuous state of compromise. You must be alert and lightning fast in detecting and responding to advanced threats. Of course, it’s no easy feat.

Is your organization equipped for it? What are the common challenges you face?

The advanced attacks are hard to detect. Trillions of petabytes of data swarm around like ants in a maze of networks, servers and devices. How can you possibly identify:

  1. Where exactly is the threat? Is it on a critical system? What is at risk?
  2. Is this attack an advanced threat that requires immediate assistance?

The resources to react are insufficient. Even the most prepared organizations seem vulnerable compared to the constant flow of attack and the relentless onslaught of attackers.

So, with limited resources, the key questions you have to ask yourself are:

  1. How long will it take me to detect and remediate malware?
  2. How long will it take me to prioritize malware alerts?

In order to shorten the time-to-detection and the time-to-remediation, you need the tools that will help you be more efficient. Tripwire and its Threat Intelligence partner Cisco, have pro-actively integrated their solutions to respond to these daily challenges.

Tripwire® Enterprise provides real-time endpoint and server monitoring and detection, while Cisco AMP Threat Grid offers dynamic malware analysis, correlating the results of hundreds of millions of analyzed malware samples and related artifacts to provide a global view of attacks.

The integration of these two advanced solutions provides unprecedented protection from both known and unknown threats. Furthermore, Tripwire has a unique, patented method of distilling “events of interest,” which reduce up to 75 percent of noise. And because Tripwire takes into account your business context, it will identify changes and vulnerabilities that create the most risk and help prioritize security actions.

Cisco AMP Threat Grid draws on the capabilities and infrastructures you already have in place, and provides a common analysis engine across all of them. Combining proprietary analysis technology with secure, cloud-based capabilities, it analyzes all of that data, identifies key indicators of malicious behavior, and provides the global and historical context you need to take action.

All in all, the answer is yes – leveraging the right tools and solutions fit to your unique business needs, threat intelligence can make you smarter and faster.