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Tripwire’s CTO Dwayne Melançon will be holding a session at this year’s RSA Conference discussing what security professionals can learn from the video gaming industry.

Adventure games make it easy for us to understand how our skills, weapons and countermeasures match up to the threats we expect to face. In this session, Melançon will discuss models and lessons learned from video games that can be applied to infosec to help you better prepare for adversaries and learn from lost battles.

The session will be held Tuesday, February 25, 2014 from 2:00pm – 2:20pm PST in Room 3018 (copy to my calendar).

Melançon owns a critical role in driving and evangelizing Tripwire’s overall product strategy and is responsible for leading the company’s long term product strategy to meet the evolving data security needs of global enterprises.

He has spearheaded numerous initiatives during his tenure, including executive responsibility for business development, professional services and support, information systems and marketing. Melançon has over 25 years of security software experience holds ITIL and CISA certifications, and is a frequent speaker at national and regional industry events.


picAnd be sure to join us at Tripwire’s Booth (3501) to get your free customized t-shirt printed on the spot, and listen to an array of in-booth guest speakers we have lined up. For the speaking schedule and information on how to obtain a free RSA Expo pass, see more details here.


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