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Around 2011, Microsoft began patching Sharepoint Server by component rather than the software as a whole. While I’m sure this makes perfect sense for Microsoft, it has made things a bit more confusing in terms of figuring out which patches are required for which system.

To determine if you do or don’t have the components a patch is installing you can follow these steps:


    KB2553094 from MS11-072 (Excel Services on Sharepoint Server 2010)

1. Download the patch


2. Extract the patch (Using a tool that supports unzipping self extracting exe files eg. 7zip)

3. Open the .xml file (on 2007 it’s a .cif file)


4. Locate the product GUID. There may be more than one.


5. On your Sharepoint host run:


6. Navigate to the Uninstall folder


7. Check if the folder contains the GUID(s) found in step 4


Using this method you can better understand which patches apply to your system, and which do not.

Note that I’ve emphasized the second set of digits in the GUID, in my example ‘1138’. For quick reference you only need to compare this value.

For reference, below is a list of patched components, the 2nd set of digits from the GUID, and the component’s display name:

Sharepoint 2007
coreserver 107F Microsoft Office Shared Components
104B Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal
10FB Microsoft Search Front End
10FC Microsoft Office Search Server
dlc 10F7 Microsoft Office Document Lifecycle Components
oserver 110D Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
sserverx 1126 Microsoft Search Express
wssloc 1015 Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Lang Pack
xlsrvwfe 10F6 Microsoft Office Excel Services Web Front End Components
xlsrvapp 10F5 Microsoft Office Excel Services
Sharepoint 2010
coreserverloc 1103 Microsoft Document Lifecycle Components English Language Pack
10FD Microsoft Search Server 2010 English Language Pack
1080 Microsoft Shared Coms English Language Pack
dlc 10F7 Microsoft Document Lifecycle Components
dlcapp 10EB Microsoft Office Document Lifecycle Application Server Components
fsserver 1139 Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint
lpsrvwfe 1088 Microsoft Slide Library
osrchwfe 10FB Microsoft Search Server 2010 Core
104B Microsoft SharePoint Portal
osrv 107F Microsoft Shared Components
pplwfe 104C Microsoft User Profiles
ppsmawfe 10EE PerformancePoint Services for SharePoint
ppsmamui 10F0 PerformancePoint Services in SharePoint #### Language Pack
wacwfe 1144 Microsoft Office Web Apps Web Front End Components
wasrv 112A Microsoft Web Analytics Web Front End Components
wdsrv 10EC Microsoft Word Server
wosrv 113F Microsoft Office Web Apps Shared Components
wss 1110 Microsoft Sharepoint Foundation 2010
1014 Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 Core
wssloc 1015 Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 Lang Pack
xlwacwfe 113E Microsoft Office Web Apps Excel Mobile Viewer Components
1142 Microsoft Excel Web App Components
Sharepoint 2013
acsrvwfe 115C Microsoft Access Services Server
coreserverloc 1103 Microsoft Document Lifecycle Components English Language Pack
10FD Microsoft Search Server 2013 English Language Pack
1080 Microsoft Shared Coms English Language Pack
104E Microsoft SharePoint Portal English Language Pack
pptserver 1159 Microsoft Office PowerPoint Services
sts 1014 Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013 Core
wacserver 1153 Microsoft Office Web Apps English Language Pack
wdsrv 10EC Microsoft Word Server
xlsrvloc 10F8 Microsoft Excel Services English Language Pack


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