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Wireless network operator T-Mobile revealed that a security incident might have exposed the personal information of some of its customers.

In a statement posted on its website, T-Mobile said that its security teams had discovered an instance of “malicious, unauthorized access” to some of its prepaid wireless account holders’ information.

The notice clarified that the security incident had not exposed affected customers’ financial data, Social Security Numbers or passwords. But it did say that the event might have compromised customers’ names and billing addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, rate plans and features.

T-Mobile took responsibility for the incident in its statement:

We take the security of your information very seriously and have a number of safeguards in place to protect your personal information from unauthorized access. We truly regret that this incident occurred and apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

The wireless network operator said that it’s reported the incident to authorities. It also indicated that it’s constantly working to improve its security with the help of measures designed to prevent actors from gaining unauthorized access to customers’ account information.

A screenshot of T-Mobile’s statement

According to its statement, T-Mobile will be notifying all customers whom the incident affected. The company said that those customers who don’t receive a notification were likely unaffected by the event. But it did qualify this reassurance by saying that customers might not hear about the security event firsthand if it doesn’t have their updated contact information.

In response, customers should consider contacting the company by dialing 611 from their T-Mobile device or by calling 1-800-T-MOBILE from any phone. They can then work with a company representative to verify their contact details, confirm whether the incident affected their information and add special instructions for account handling, if they find it necessary.

News of this security incident comes several years after malicious actors compromised the personal information of 15 million T-Mobile customers following a successful breach of one of Experian’s servers.