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If you have followed the Tripwire blog in the past you may have noticed that it has been quite over the past two months. That is because we have been retooling our efforts around how we use social media. If you have followed this blog for any time you have seen a couple of names you will recognize and some that may be the reason you follow. We stepped back to take a look at the value we were providing and realized that we wanted to make some changes. If you have been watching Tripwire lately you have noticed that the company has been making some changes – like the introduction of Tripwire Log Center.

Our objective is to build lasting relationships in the security and compliance community that allows to be be a trusted member of that community. In order to do that you will find that we are spending a lot of time out in the community reading what you have to say and engaging you in the conversations you are having.

There are also some conversations that we want to start in which we want your engagement. We are going to do that happen with a mix of things. One of those ways is this blog. You will be able to expect some regulars and some people that will blog when the urge strikes.

If any of you have met Gene Kim (@RealGeneKim) you will know that he knows a heck of a lot about security and compliance and he is very entertaining. The reality is that Gene is one busy guy but he has a ton of things in the backlog he wants to chat about. He loves this space and is very passionate about it and he believes very much in how social media allows people to connect. In order to enable all of that we are going to turn Gene into a video blogger, which will be a lot of fun. We have plans to start producing content while we are at the RSA Conference next week.

Another person you might recognize here is Dwayne Melancon (^DM on @TripwireInc). He has been one of the original bloggers here and has spent a long time in the security industry but now he has a little different view than he did a few months ago. Dwayne is now the Tripwire VP of Log Management. So he will be talking about the SEIM market as well as the overall security space and how you need more visibility in a more intelligent way and automate how you respond so that you can reduce threats.

Occasionally you will also find other bloggers like Chris Orr, Junko Matthews, Tim Zonka, Cindy Valladares, Gavin Millard and me. Please let us know what you think – feedback will help us to better members of the community and provide real value.

You can also find us on Twitter @TripwireInc where we will be actively engaging with people daily. Please reach out to us and follow us so that we can make sure we are keeping up with all the great people in this ever growing space.

This coming week you will also see a ton of near real time video content from the show floor of the RSA Conference from David Spark. This will not be a bunch of noise about Tripwire but will be people giving their real opinions on some of the core issues of security and compliance. Stay tuned this week as the excitement begins.