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In the first part of our security slice podcast on Ken Westin’s DEF CON 23 presentation, “Confessions of a Professional Cyber Stalker,” Ken discussed his white hat cyberstalking skills and how he’s used them to track and convict cybercriminals. These skills have come into sharp focus in light of the Ashley Madison data breach that is already having wide repercussions.

Is there anything consumers can do to protect themselves against malicious cyber stalkers?

Listen to this special security slice podcast and hear Ken discuss how the damage done by the Ashley Madison breach data will extend to more than relationships, the privacy implications of data correlation from multiple breaches and  the three steps consumers should take to protect their online privacy.





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  • Rodney

    As a subscriber to this podcast stream, every time it comes around I ask myself, why!
    Why do I subscribe to something of such low audio quality?
    Is it possible I'm doing something wrong that this one podcast among the 20 or so that I regularly listen to is of such a low quality that I wonder why I bother.
    If you can sort it out that would be wonderful and in your interest surely.

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