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Tripwire Enterprise App for Splunk Enterprise

Quickly and easily visualize the overall health of your IT environment with the right data and the business context around that data. Tripwire Enterprise offers the rich data, controls and policies, and Splunk provides the means to visualize the data in easy-to-implement dashboards. This will reduce the cycle-time of identifying vulnerabilities or security violations and reduce the mean-time-to-repair.


Tripwire IP360 Add-on for Splunk


Tripwire Enterprise Add-on for Splunk

The Tripwire Enterprise Add-on for Splunk enables a Tripwire Enterprise administrator to collect FIM, Compliance Test results, and audit events from Tripwire Enterprise, map them to the Splunk® Common Information Model (CIM), and input the data into Splunk. You can visualize the data with other Splunk apps, such as the Splunk App for Enterprise Security and the Splunk App for PCI Compliance.


Tripwire Enterprise Supported Platforms

This datasheet provides a comprehensive list of platforms and devices monitored by Tripwire® Enterprise Java-based agents, as well as its supported browsers, console platforms and backend databases. For Tripwire Axon™ agent platform support, please refer to the Tripwire Axon Agent Platform Support datasheet.

Solution Brief:

Maintaining the Security and Integrity of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Systems

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems bring great benefits to the healthcare providers by enabling optimal care and automated workflows to address treat the patients effectively. EMRs are also a prime target for cyber attacks.


Tripwire Connect: Platform Support

This datasheet provides a comprehensive list of platforms and applications supported by Tripwire® Connect 3.5, along with database server specifications.


Tripwire Enterprise and Red Hat Ansible

Solution Brief:

Foundational Controls: The Key to Defending Against Cyberattacks

Effectively protect your organization using basic security controls.


Tripwire Axon Agent Platform Support

Tripwire Axon™ is a foundational agent technology and platform that enables flexible data collection and resilient communication across a broad range of devices, cloud and virtualized assets. It’s the extensible next generation endpoint data collection and communication platform that delivers uninterrupted visibility, a resilient architecture and improved responsiveness—while augmenting and leveraging industry-leading technology and content for security, compliance and IT operations.

Solution Brief:

Book Excerpt: Hacking Point of Sale

In order to understand all of the different types of threats that may break the payment application (PA), it is first necessary to learn about the internal structure of these systems. The details of concrete implementations may vary from vendor to vendor, but the main design principles remain closely similar due to the narrow specialization of such applications.

White Paper:

Reducing the Cost of Compliance: The Top Three Effective Strategies

Reports such as the Ponemon Institute’s The True Cost of Compliance indicate that proactive investments in compliance can help organizations reduce their consequential costs of non-compliance. But not all compliance investments yield this benefit. Learn what investments and strategies reduce the cost of compliance, and how Tripwire IT security and compliance automation solutions help effectively utilize compliance investments to improve security and protect sensitive data.


Video: Tripwire Controls for the Hybrid Cloud

See how Tripwire helps secure your assets across physical, virtual, private and public cloud environments.