Tripwire Enterprise and Puppet

Automated Deployment for DevOps Environments


Automation is the foundation for many DevOps practices, helping your team drive faster, more efficient deployments. With Puppet, customers can quickly gain Tripwire Enterprise value by automating the install of Tripwire Enterprise agents. The benefit to customers is the install speed. By just adding a line to existing deployment scripts, deployment complexity is reduced and Tripwire benefits more quickly realized.

  • Real-time detection - Shorten time to catch and limit damage from threats, anomalies, and suspicious changes
  • Deep System Visibility - Get deep, unparalleled visibility into security system state and posture
  • Automation to help ensure gold standards – Check systems prior to deployment in a DevOps environment

You can find our Puppet module here along with more information about what it does and how to use it on Puppetforge:

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