Join the AWS Partner Network as an Advanced Technology Partner with Tripwire

Our Saas solutions are powered by AWS to reduce complexity while enhancing your security.

Better Together: Tripwire’s Partnership with AWS

Joining the AWS Partner Network as an Advanced Technology Partner is part of Tripwire’s commitment to help you get cybersecurity programs up and running quickly and easily through SaaS-delivered solutions. Using the AWS platform, Tripwire can provide customers a choice of usage modes, from self-operated Tripwire Configuration Manger to Tripwire-assisted ExpertOps. Both can provide enhanced cloud security for your own AWS cloud accounts and S3 buckets, as well as other commercial web applications, cloud-deployed infrastructure and on-prem assets. When you’re ready to subscribe, buy directly from the AWS Marketplace.
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Supplement Your Team with Tripwire ExpertOps

Need extra help in managing your overall security program? Tripwire ExpertOpsSM is there to help you run, and interpret, results from Configuration Manager plus other Tripwire products such as Tripwire Enterprise and Tripwire IP360TM to protect your entire infrastructure across hybrid cloud and on-premise environments. Tripwire ExpertOps includes the software, connectivity, ongoing consulting, professional services, and AWS cloud infrastructure, all in a single subscription.

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