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Security Configuration Management

Security Configuration Management

Tripwire Enterprise

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Real-time threat detection, security automation and business context.

Real-time Change Intelligence

Get real-time threat detection and notification at the speed of change. Tripwire® Enterprise delivers change audit and threat detection with high precision, business context and insight for what to do about it.

System Hardening and Compliance Enforcement

Tripwire Policy Manager delivers proactive configuration hardening based on compliance requirements, reduces audit preparation time and cost, and provides audit-ready reporting with evidence of compliance, remediation and exception management.

Security Automation and Remediation

Configuration errors need corrective measures. Tripwire Remediation Manager delivers automation and guidance for rapid repair of broken or security misconfigurations, and integrates with SIEMs, IT-GRC, workflow systems, change management systems and more.

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SCM for Dummies

Get started on creating secure, trusted IT configurations your organization can depend on.

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Managing Change with Tripwire Enterprise

Learn how a single solution—Tripwire Enterprise—manages change to put you in control of your IT security, compliance and operations needs.

Features & Benefits

Deep Visibility

Get deep, unparalleled visibility into security system state for servers, desktops and network devices to know your full security posture. No longer feel as though you’re looking for a needle in a haystack.

Real-time Detection

Real-time detection of threats, anomalies, and suspicious changes shortens the time it takes to catch and limit damage. You can identify attacks before they become serious breaches.

Business Context

With Tripwire Enterprise, you’re continuously assured of the integrity of critical systems and data because that's what's most important to the business. You have results you can trust in seconds and minutes, not hours.

Out-of-the-Box Compliance Policies

Tripwire Enterprise delivers broad enterprise coverage of platforms and compliance policies to keep you current with industry requirements. Out of the box policy coverage includes such range as PCI, NIST, DISA, ISO, CIS, etc. And we have the broadest coverage of the "Top 20" Critical Security Controls, to keep you current, safe and compliant.

Detailed policy information

Advanced IT Operations Integration

Get integration that bridges IT Operations and Security Operations and delivers data that both teams can use. Enable automation and enterprise integration for the greatest security impact.

Enterprise Integrations and Workflow Integrations

Built-in workflows and business automation capabilities save time and limit human error. You get enterprise-grade solutions with SIEM, GRC, CMDB, Active Directory and various databases that provide real, actionable answers that detect cyber threats quickly, gather the data you need and automate the workflow into external systems.

Enable Adaptive Threat Protection

Use the built-in integration between Tripwire Enterprise and Tripwire® IP360™ to leverage vulnerability intelligence and enable Adaptive Threat Protection for your network. Only Tripwire provides an integrated, automated and prioritized view of your enterprise security posture and allows you to automatically adjust monitoring and policy application in Tripwire Enterprise based on system changes and potential business impact. Learn how to significantly reduce overall enterprise cyber threat risk with our Vulnerability Intelligence Solution Brief.

Security Configuration Management Lifecycle

Security Configuration Management Lifecycle
Tripwire Enterprise is a security configuration management suite whose Policy Management, Integrity Management, and Remediation Management capabilities stand alone or work together as a comprehensive, tightly integrated SCM solution. Along with Tripwire Configuration Compliance Manager, Tripwire can address the range of enterprise systems that can be monitored with an agent or agentlessly.

A simple typo made to a router configuration can bring a store's cash registers to a halt. With Tripwire, we can diagnose and recover from such an incident in minutes. When a store is down, every minute saved has a tremendous value to the customer and our business.

Jeremy Dykman, Network and Security Manager, Wesco

By engaging Tripwire, we can remain a nimble company, able to respond quickly to customer needs, while also ensuring security and compliance.

Arthur Taylor, CEO, Benefit Allocation Systems