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Tripwire Enterprise Commander

  • Enterprise environments are looking to automate basic operations in Tripwire® Enterprise
  • Need a native command line interface for development of additional automation and integration
  • Need a consistent and reliable way to retrieve information from Tripwire Enterprise
  • Cross-platform, command line interface for Tripwire Enterprise
  • Exposes additional functionality including:
    • Baseline/check/promote
    • Create/delete groups
    • Import/export
    • Link/unlink
    • List objects
    • Construct/run reports
    • Restart agents
    • Search
    • Create/delete tags and tag sets
  • Java-based app
  • Very flexible, allowing unlimited integration and workflow possibilities for Tripwire Enterprise
  • Make changes and/or trigger actions within Tripwire Enterprise such as scanning a host, adding/updating an asset tag, or disabling a node as part of a decommissioning process
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