Tripwire Enterprise Commander

Many enterprise applications lack a native command line interface. This can be a challenge if you want to automate and integrate basic operations, which is a necessary function in most enterprise IT environments. Tripwire® Enterprise (TE) Commander is a cross-platform CLI for Tripwire Enterprise that allows unlimited integration and workflow possibilities. It offers a consistent, flexible and reliable way to retrieve rich information from Tripwire Enterprise.

TE Commander exposes additional functionality to and from Tripwire Enterprise through the CLI, including:
  • Baseline/check/promote
  • Create/delete groups
  • Import/export
  • Link/unlink
  • List objects
  • Construct/run reports
  • Restart agents
  • Search
  • Create/delete asset tags and tag sets

By leveraging TE Commander you can also make changes and trigger actions within Tripwire Enterprise. Actions include scanning a host, adding or updating an asset tag, or disabling a node as part of a decommissioning process—all without direct user interaction.

Enterprises using Tripwire Enterprise can use TE Commander as a powerful yet simple way to integrate and automate many of the complex systems and enterprise applications needed for business.

TE Commander

Tripwire apps help you achieve a new level of scale and workflow efficiency with your Tripwire solution

  • Connect with the most popular IT and security solutions to collect data on your most critical systems for a single source of truth
  • Reduce the friction between your data and the visibility and insight you need to track the current state of your environment
  • Report on approved as well as unauthorized endpoint settings
  • Save time and resources by automatically reconciling changes resulting from software updates


Other Available Apps

Tripwire Event Sender

Sends compliance, scoring, and change data to other systems such as SIEMs and enterprise reporting products, giving overall security ecosystem visibility for the enterprise.

Tripwire State Analyzer

Matches hardened and secure configurations with allow listing, including OS services, installed software, and enabled ports, and active user accounts, alerting on exceptions. This automation can keep exception alerting to just the detection of threats or “changes of interest” that may require investigation.

Tripwire Enterprise Integration Framework

Automates system integrations with Service Desk products like ServiceNow, Remedy, Cherwell and others, for facilitating greater workflow efficiencies within IT security and operations.

Tripwire Dynamic Software Reconciliation

Reduces workload by identifying known good changes from legitimate patch sources, increasing confidence that automating the patch promotion process will only facilitate known good changes, and potentially “bad” changes cannot sneak in during times that configurations are known to be changing (such as Patch Tuesdays).