Tripwire ExpertOps:
Your Turnkey System Integrity Solution

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Introducing managed File Integrity Monitoring and Security Configuration Management as a service. Get expert monitoring and administration in a single subscription.

Everything you need

Includes software, ongoing consulting, and cloud infrastructure.

Personalized Service

Tailored advice, incident assistance, and audit support related to Tripwire findings.

Focus on What matters

Spend less time managing tools and more time protecting your organization.

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Track progress towards your security and compliance goals.

Your Designated Tripwire Expert

Our trained experts proactively identify issues and recommend appropriate remediation processes based on industry best practices. Your Tripwire Expert will act as an extension of your team by prioritizing work efforts, managing critical escalations, and presenting results to stakeholders. Together you will jointly develop a Service Plan outlining communication practices, escalation procedures and any specialized requests. You'll receive regular, custom reports detailing key activities and documenting the progress towards maintaining continuous security and compliance in your organization.

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File Integrity Monitoring & Security Configuration Management

Reduce noise of file changes by reconciling detected change and distinguishing authorized change from bad. Proactively harden systems based on compliance standards to reduce your attack surface. Tripwire ExpertOps establishes and maintains continuous monitoring and configuration assessment across large heterogeneous environments using a comprehensive library of policies and platforms. The solution also offers customizable policies, waiver and exception management, automated remediation guidance, and prioritized policy scoring with thresholds, weights and severities. It does all this while providing auditors with evidence of compliance and making policy status highly visible and actionable for compliance teams.

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Continuous Monitoring via Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Get 24/7 visibility without deploying additional hardware, databases, and back-end software. Tripwire ExpertOps is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform allowing the service to quickly scale to meet your needs while maintaining high levels of security. The service uses a single-tenancy model to ensure that data remains segregated between customer accounts. Tripwire applies multiple controls for security and privacy of your data including secure configurations, vulnerability scanning, data encryption, malware defenses, access control, log management, multi-factor authentication, VPN and much more. 

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