Tripwire ExpertOps VM

A Cloud-Hosted Managed Service for VM

Tripwire® ExpertOps(SM) Vulnerability Management combines managed services with the industry’s best vulnerability management solution so you can focus your remediation efforts on the highest risks and the most critical assets. The solution provides both personalized consulting and cloud-based infrastructure and is easy to deploy and use, with simple subscription pricing and low total cost of ownership.

Successful security programs have to keep up with a staggering number of new vulnerabilities every day. Not only do security professionals have to scan for vulnerabilities across complex and ever-changing IT landscapes—they also have to know how to prioritize risk, ensuring that the most critical risks are remediated or mitigated, and that their most critical assets are protected at all times.

That pressure can overwhelm modern organizations grappling with limited resources or lack of vulnerability management (VM) expertise caused by the cybersecurity skills gap. Tripwire ExpertOps Vulnerability Management gives you all the security benefits of a mature VM program without the resource strain.

Managed by experienced Tripwire engineers, Tripwire ExpertOps VM gives your organization highly-accurate and granular vulnerability assessment results to help you focus your remediation efforts on the highest risks on your most critical assets.

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