Watch a Demo of Tripwire IP360

See how Tripwire IP360 can help you better identify and prioritize critical vulnerabilities across your infrastructure. 

Managing the huge number of patches and updates issued by system vendors can seem like an impossible task. Tripwire IP360 allows you to automatically identify assets on your network and their associated vulnerabilities. It then provides granular risk scores based on the severity of the security risk, the ease of exploitation, and the age of the vulnerability. This enables you to direct your remediation efforts to the areas of greatest urgency.

This eight-minute video provides a demo of Tripwire IP360 and a comprehensive overview of the product’s capabilities, including:

  • Scalable architecture
  • Asset discovery
  • Granular risk-scoring
  •  Application-specific reporting

Watch the demo video to learn more about how Tripwire IP360 can help you better focus your limited resources on the greatest risks.