Tyler Reguly

Tyler Reguly

Senior Manager, Security R&D

Tyler Reguly is Senior Manager, Security R&D at Fortra, responsible for overseeing TACTIC, a team of security researchers that provide the security expertise that powers the company’s Tripwire product line. Tyler joined Fortra when the company acquired Tripwire, a leader in File Integrity Monitoring, Secure Configuration Management, and Vulnerability Management, and where Tyler had been a part of the research team for more than fifteen years.

In addition to security research, Tyler has worked closely with Fanshawe College, from which he graduated with a diploma in Computer Systems Technology, developing five courses including subjects like Advanced Hacker Techniques & Tactics, Hacking and Exploits, Malware Research, Evolving Technologies and Threats, and Python Programming. He has also taught all five courses that he developed on multiple occasions. In addition, Tyler is a co-founder of the IoT Hack Lab that has been offered at SecTor (Security Education Conference Toronto) since 2015. The IoT Hack Lab provides conference attendees a chance to learn about IoT security and how to hack IoT devices. Finally, Tyler has presented trainings on IoT Hacking, Ghidra, and Wireshark in various conference and webinar settings over the years.

Tyler has contributed to various standards over the years including CVSSv3 and has provided technical editing to a number of published books. Outside of cybersecurity, Tyler regularly works with PR firms to provide movie reviews for yet-to-be-released films and frequently uses film to simplify cybersecurity concepts for general consumption.

Subject Matter Expert for:

Vulnerability Management, threat assessment, security research, asset discovery, Internet of Things (IoT), vulnerability research, cybersecurity trends, cyber-attacks, cyberstalking, application security, teaching cybersecurity, cloud security, secure configuration management, enterprise security, vulnerability scoring, cybersecurity metrics, patch Tuesday, cybersecurity, reverse engineering, security conferences, Python programming, CVE, CVSS, MITRE ATT&CK.

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