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El Paso Electric Company

Texas and New Mexico Utility Provider 


El Paso Electric keeps the lights on for 400,000 retail and wholesale customers, managing an operational infrastructure that extends across 10,000 square miles of Texas and New Mexico. In addition to regular households, the electric company’s clients include government and military customers—many relying on uninterrupted service to ensure the integrity of their operations.

Attacks on critical infrastructure facilities have traditionally focused on information technology (IT) components but to further add to the challenge, an escalating pattern of threats are being seen that specifically target operational technology (OT) assets found in industrial control systems environments. El Paso needed a solution to protect its entire attack surface, while simultaneously streamlining its NERC CIP compliance processes.


INDUSTRY: UTILITY                                                      




Business Need

  • Deploy seamless protection across IT and OT domains
  • Reduce incident response time
  • Integrate with existing systems
  • Achieve and automate processes relating to NERC CIP compliance



Tripwire® Enterprise was deployed to provide industry-leading detection, response and prevention capabilities. The intuitive dashboard delivers centralized control and visibility across the extensive El Paso infrastructure. The solution’s REST (representational state transfer) APIs enable advanced integration with legacy applications to facilitate application control and data exchange. Tripwire Enterprise includes a suite of sophisticated capabilities, including file integrity and policy management, remediation and root cause drill-down, as well as automated compliance processes.

Despite the scale and complexity of our attack surface, the unified OT and IT protection delivered by Tripwire Enterprise has enabled us to elevate our overall security posture

Rafael Garcia, Senior IT Consultant – Information Security El Paso Electric Company


  • Unified protection across combined IT and OT infrastructure
  • Increased speed of detection, remediation and return to normal operations
  • Automated multiple NERC CIP compliance processes
  • Integrated with existing security measures
  • Enhanced alert accuracy and reduced overall complexity

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