Tripwire Managed Services Make Integrity Management a Breeze for Large Financial Institution


When you’re a financial services company with tens of billions of dollars in custody, integrity monitoring and change management are key. One such company that provides wealth management and retirement, health, and benefits services to over seven million clients is finding success in its integrity and change management program using Tripwire ExpertOps.

Tripwire ExpertOps is a managed cybersecurity service that pairs you with a dedicated Tripwire expert to set up and run your file integrity monitoring (FIM), security configuration management (SCM), and/or vulnerability management (VM) program, applying their instant expertise to your biggest cybersecurity and compliance challenges.

The Challenge 

This institution was using a different managed cybersecurity solution prior to partnering with Tripwire, but it wasn’t hitting the mark — especially in terms of reporting on change management for their public-facing servers. They needed detailed, readily available reports to illustrate their security posture for compliance audits.

Like many in the financial sector, they must prove compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), the Healthcare Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and other common mandates in order to avoid steep audit fines and ensure their systems are continuously aligned with cybersecurity best practices. So, when their contract was coming to a close, they made the choice to upgrade to Tripwire ExpertOps.

The Solution 

Tripwire ExpertOps is available at three tier levels to ensure right-sized coverage: Hosted, Managed Service, and Integrated Strategy. Their subscription of Tripwire ExpertOps at the Managed Service tier for FIM and SCM was quickly up and running in Tripwire’s cloud hosting environment.

The company’s senior security engineer shared he appreciated the ease of the onboarding process with their dedicated Tripwire expert, saying, “It was a smooth roll-out. She did a lot of set up for configuration monitoring, and she’s been super helpful jumping in and assisting us with issues as they come up — saving our team a lot of time and energy.”

For example, when they ran into the problem of a server not reporting as it should, the team didn’t have to drain their time troubleshooting on their own. “She’s seen this before and can tell us what’s going on instead of us spinning our cycles figuring it out.”


“[The Tripwire ExpertOps engineer] has been super helpful jumping in and assisting us with issues as they come up — saving our team a lot of time and energy.”


The Result

The company’s security and compliance personnel now have more time to focus on the tasks of the day rather than the management of their solutions, knowing that Tripwire ExpertOps is continuously ensuring that their systems are configured correctly and monitoring for suspicious and unauthorized changes in real-time.

Their Tripwire expert performs regular system health checks and provides ongoing support by quickly pinpointing issues and effective resolutions, saving their team untold time and resources. According to their senior security engineer, “Due to the robustness of the Tripwire solution, we still haven’t been able to take full advantage of everything it offers. We’re excited to see how we can further partner with Tripwire to strengthen our security even more.”

INDUSTRY: Financial Services



SOLUTION: Tripwire® ExpertOps

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