Major Healthcare Provider Enhances Vulnerability Management Program

Recognized as one of the top healthcare providers in the United States, this organization employs tens of thousands of professionals spread across nearly 500 locations. The provider wins frequent awards for the quality of its services and is regularly recognized for being among one of the highest-rated workplaces in the industry.

To further elevate the level of security around the vast volumes of sensitive data it handles, the customer embarked on an initiative to identify and deploy a vulnerability management solution capable of protecting its widely distributed infrastructure. A key selection criterion was the requirement for role-based access to permit each system administrator to easily view, manage and report on their individually assigned assets.




Tripwire is essential to our vulnerability management program, which has reduced the risk of exposure to numerous computer malware and attack vectors.By partnering with Tripwire, our organization is positioned to be a model for the rest of the healthcare industry.

Lead Network Security Consultant, Major Healthcare Provider

Business Need

  • Deploy scalable vulnerability management and security analytics solution capable of supporting growth without the need to purchase additional hardware or software
  • Facilitate automated interrogation of any device in the infrastructure, including new platforms and technologies
  • Define and secure all potential attack vectors across the organization
  • Create metrics for asset owners and executive team members to measure the effectiveness of security measures
  • Identify and implement a trusted solution from a world-class provider to secure all stakeholder information and tangibly demonstrate a commitment to ensuring data integrity



Following an extensive evaluation, the provider chose Tripwire® IP360™. The solution enables the cost-effective measurement and management of network security risk.Tripwire Security Intelligence Hub was added as an advanced analytics layer to provide further information relating to the risk status of any selected asset and to measure the effectiveness of enterprise-wide risk reduction efforts.

A detailed implementation plan which included a communication strategy and training for all IT field services staff and application owners was created to ensure a successful rollout. Goals were aligned to business objectives and senior management support enlisted to reinforce the importance of the vulnerability management initiative to the entire organization.


  • Equipped administrators with information necessary to determine optimal mitigation strategies, leading to a 45% reduction of vulnerable assets since inception of Tripwire solutions
  • Provided customizable, intuitive reporting—by individual asset—to facilitate rapid identification, prioritization and mitigation of threats and vulnerabilities
  • Administrators able to expediently view their own specific area of responsibility; enhancing speed of resolution and levels of accountability
  • Automated scanning process easily structured to accommodate numerous hospitals, clinics, and outpatient facilities

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