Leading Nationwide Provider of FDIC-Insured Financial Services

This nationally recognized financial solutions provider offers a set of services that enable smaller banks and other related institutions to compete with the industry’s dominant players. The company’s portfolio of FDIC-insured solutions enables its members and other key constituents to offer innovative services that otherwise might be too difficult or too costly to provide on their own.

Continuous availability is a must-have in the world of financial services—interruptions of any kind, for whatever reason, are unacceptable. Each component in the company’s complex infrastructure was a potential source of disruption. Implementing a solution to monitor individual changes and highlight possible incompatibilities became a business imperative.




Tripwire Enterprise is a vital tool for us—it helps us maintain a more secure and controlled environment.It enables us to be very efficient in our analysis and remediation of change-related issues, and with the time we save we can optimize other areas. Without Tripwire there’s no way I can monitor changes or installed patches. It allows us to execute change in a very structured and disciplined manner, and to immediately identify anything that doesn’t conform to the policies and rules that we’ve put in place.

Senior Security and Network Engineer, Leading Financial Services Solutions Provider

Business Need

  • Obtain visibility into changes across the whole infrastructure—planned, unintentional or malicious—that could negatively impact the availability and/or quality of service delivery
  • Implement a real-time solution for monitoring change, capable of intelligent filtering and minimizing demands on technical staff
  • Ensure IT-related changes adhere to a predefined set of rules and standards that are consistent with attaining regulatory compliance with a variety of industry mandates



Tripwire Enterprise was implemented across the environment, including mirrored production and staging facilities, SQL, domain and Exchange servers, products from Cisco, Checkpoint and F5Networks, and Red Hat and Windows platforms.

The capture of IT infrastructure baselines dramatically reduces the time and effort for audit preparation and ensures that configurations are kept continually compliant. Tripwire Enterprise enhances achieving compliance with many industry regulations and standards organizations.



With Tripwire Enterprise, the company achieved centralized control of configurations across its entire physical and virtual IT infrastructure. Changes are now intelligently assessed in real time to determine the scope and impact of every alteration in the environment.

Tripwire Enterprise’s intuitive reporting has saved the company’s IT team many hours each week previously spent on troubleshooting and rectifying misconfigurations. The solution’s intelligent analysis capabilities have provided widespread benefits, such as detecting mis-configurations across supposedly identical systems, which highlights the possibility of potential security issues. Tripwire is acknowledged as being a critical partner in ensuring the uninterrupted delivery of services to the company’s thousands of exacting clients.

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