Rabobank: A Multinational Banking and Financial Services Company

Netherlands-based Rabobank is a leader in sustainability-oriented banking and has been listed by Global Finance magazine as one of the world’s ten safest banks. Rabobank’s thousands of servers—located in several dozen datacenters distributed around the globe—are critical to every aspect of the bank’s operations.

Each system, typically running either Microsoft Windows, Linux or Solaris, is specifically configured to comply with regional and local security standards, as well as individual corporate mandates. The bank needed a solution to ensure that once a new server had been staged and delivered its operating system remained fully compliant with the original specifications, and that no unauthorized modifications had occurred.




Rabobank uses Tripwire Enterprise extensively and it continues to do a really great job for us. Tripwire provides visibility and protects our most critical assets across our entire global infrastructure; enabling us to be compliant in each of the many countries we do business. I would absolutely recommend it!
Balazs Geck, Security Engineer, Rabobank

Business Need

  • Ensure critical infrastructure components are not compromised
  • Analyze operating system files and configurations for deviations against pre-approved baselines
  • Consolidate file integrity information from various sources into an intuitive, easy-to-interpret reports
  • Provide each region (Americas, Australia, Europe and Asia) with a single console to address specific local needs
  • Leverage corporate security policies whenever applicable, and support local customization to accommodate individual geographic requirements


  • Worldwide infrastructure protected against operating system tampering and unauthorized changes
  • Policies and rules are tailored to accommodate corporate, global, and regional compliance mandates
  • Hierarchical reporting enables local control, as well as HQ-level oversight
  • Intuitive reports provide efficient identification and analysis of any potentially malicious activity
  • Flexibility, scalability and ease of deployment support Rabobank’s global scope, as well as business and technical objectives



Rabobank deployed Tripwire® Enterprise for global compliance checks and operating system file integrity monitoring across its worldwide infrastructure. The Tripwire solution includes a comprehensive set of pre-defined policies that are leveraged internationally by the bank. The standard report suite supports widespread customization to enable Rabobank to comply with diverse individual regional regulatory requirements, including the very stringent Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)standard.

Tripwire Enterprise is deployed to provide real-time detection of anomalies, and local support teams obtain visibility into all of the devices in their domain. Regional autonomy enables more efficient maintenance and management, and a headquarters-based group oversees amalgamated information coming from each of the regional consoles.

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