Two Large Financial Services Organizations

To remain competitive, organizations must be able to quickly adapt to support volatile business demands. For IT organizations, the unprecedented speed that images can be deployed into the cloud also brings complexity. Until the initial baseline of an image is captured, there is the potential for unauthorized modifications to pass undetected. Even without malicious intent, a seemingly insignificant change can jeopardize the ability to remain in compliance with the multitude of mandates. With this in mind, the two organizations sought to minimize the time between receiving and pushing out a fresh image to their service providers, for both cloud and on-prem deployments.

Tripwire Enterprise enables the real-time assessment of security across virtual and physical environments. As more capabilities are migrated into the cloud, Tripwire has been instrumental in extending industry-leading standards of on-prem protection across the entire hybrid infrastructure.

INDUSTRY: Financial Services


Business Need


The transition to a cloud-based architecture represents a paradigm shift for IT and IS teams—implementing and securing a virtual infrastructure cannot be accomplished using traditional strategies. For both organizations, a key challenge has been to deploy the same levels of security and compliance management throughout their hybrid environments.



The two financial organizations have been long-term, enthusiastic costumers of on-premise Tripwire solutions. Tripwire Enterprise automatically baselines and monitors newly deployed nodes to enable maximum advantage to be derived from cloud-based architectures without increasing exposure to risk.Tripwire provides the ability to automatically baseline each image as soon as it is received. By detecting subsequent changes in real-time, it eradicates any windows of exposure and ensures uninterrupted compliance with all prevailing policies.



The ability to rapidly deploy images, even if only for a couple of hours, has enabled application developers to take full advantage of the unprecedented flexibility of the cloud through the continuous protection and permanent audit trail provided by Tripwire. Tripwire Enterprise overcomes the technical and business obstacles that make pursuit of a secure cloud-based strategy a reality for these two financial services heavyweights. The implementation of Tripwire Enterprise in the cloud has enabled both organizations to extend their existing capabilities across physical, virtual, private and public cloud hybrid environments.

For both organizations, being able to coordinate and manage image integrity from a single, familiar console has elevated their overall security posture and created multiple benefits with staffing, training and team efficiencies.

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