What Makes Fortra’s Tripwire Different

Integrity Management Solution Capabilities Comparison Matrix

Are you weighing your options between integrity management solutions? Evaluating, purchasing, and deploying new software is hard work, especially when you get down to the granular details of understanding which solutions have which capabilities and matching those capabilities to your organization’s particular needs. In an industry buzzing with ever-changing terminology and a profusion of vendors to choose from, you can use this datasheet to get a quick view of what our solutions do compared to similar counterparts to see if Tripwire is a good fit.

Tripwire Capabilities Comparison Matrix

Your Integrity Management Ally

Fortra’s Tripwire stands apart from the pack because no other solutions provide equivalent breadth and depth of coverage — from more types of environments and assets covered to more policy and platform combinations (4,000+ and counting) — which means there isn’t much you can’t do with Tripwire powering your cybersecurity and compliance programs. Here are four key Tripwire solutions to learn more about to help you narrow down which are right for your organization.


Tripwire Enterprise  

Fortra’s Tripwire® Enterprise is the leading compliance monitoring solution, using file integrity monitoring (FIM) and security configuration management (SCM). 

  • File Integrity Monitoring: Originally introduced by Tripwire, this security control now encompasses much more than files — tracking changes against a secure baseline across enterprise assets and environments.  

  • Baselining Capabilities: Deviations from compliance and cybersecurity best practice alignment are detected using the reference of a secure baseline state.  

  • Security Configuration Management and Policy Compliance: Continuously harden your systems against intrusion by maintaining proper configurations across your environment.  

  • Side-by-Side Comparison of Changes: Side-by-side comparison helps illustrate the potential impacts of a particular change.  

  • Real-time Change Detection: Rather than intermittent scanning, Tripwire Enterprise detects changes in real time to alert you right away. 

  • Granular Change Data: See what changed, where, when, and who made the change. This deeper context helps you act quickly to stop threats in their tracks.  

  • Dynamic Software Reconciliation: Tripwire Enterprise hides routine changes to eliminate excess alert noise for your staff. 

  • Support for the Entire Enterprise: Monitor the integrity of on-premises, cloud, hybrid, virtual, and OT industrial environments. 

  • Dashboards and Reports: Detailed reporting offers insight into risk patterns across your organization, from the whole company to individual business units or departments. 

  • Custom Policy Creation: Create and enforce your own compliance policies to match internal organizational standards.  


Tripwire IP360 

Fortra’s Tripwire IP360™ is the leading vulnerability and security risk management system that enables organizations to cost-effectively measure and manage their network security risk. 

  • Asset Discovery and Management: Get total visibility into what’s on your network on-premises and in the cloud, along with devices and their vulnerabilities. 

  • Vulnerability Scanning: Agentless and agent-based scanning allows you to find vulnerabilities in dynamic IP endpoints, containers, and more.  

  • Vulnerability Risk Scoring: Tripwire IP360 has the industry’s most granular risk scoring system of 1–50,000, enabling you to tackle the most potentially damaging risks fastest.  


Tripwire ExpertOps 

Tripwire ExpertOps℠ is a managed cybersecurity service that equips you with the advice and support needed to protect your data from cyberattacks while keeping up with regulatory compliance.  


  • Managed Service Option: Take advantage of all the capabilities of Tripwire Enterprise and/or Tripwire IP360 as a managed service, with a dedicated Tripwire expert running your solution(s) while supporting you every step of the way.  


Tripwire LogCenter 

Tripwire LogCenter® centralizes log management with reliable and automated log collection, analysis, storage, and delivery. It seamlessly integrates with Tripwire Enterprise and Tripwire IP360 to identify and address anomalies and suspicious activities, differentiating the valuable insights from the surrounding noise. 

  • Agent-Based and Agentless Coverage: The Tripwire Axon® agent ensures that the log data it collects is safe in the event of system failure, and Tripwire LogCenter supports agentless log collection where necessary as well.

  • Event Correlation: Its correlation engine uses prebuilt rules made for your existing platforms, security use cases, and compliance needs — and even allows you to create your own custom rules.  

With more than 25 years of experience on the front lines of cybersecurity and compliance development, Fortra’s Tripwire has had time to listen to thousands of customers and use their real-world experience to optimize our solutions and build in a holistic range of capabilities unmatched by other providers. Schedule a custom demo at www.Tripwire.com/demo.